Communicate With the World in Their Language
Emmerse gradually translates your emails, so that a mundane tool becomes a lifelong language teacher.


Learn New Words

Control Your Progress

Track Your Progress


Control Your Immersion

Depth of immersion varies from person to person, depending on your level. With Emmerse you're in complete control, if you're an expert and want the majority of words translated, easy. If you want only the most basic words, that's okay too. This helps you to make sure you're never too far out of your depth and always getting maximum value.

Track Your Progress

After a long journey, it's always good to look back to see what you've learned. We offer a comprehensive profile page with all the words you've ever learned, including the number of times they've been translated. Constant reiteration and practice is essential in any learning process.

Compare With Friends

Everything is more fun when you involve your friends. Emmerse allows you to learn alongside friends, keep an eye on their profile to see what words they've learned and how often they've been practiced. Stay ahead of the curve and show everyone else who's boss.

Learn To Say Words

Learning a language wouldn't be worth anything if you couldn't use it in real life. Use our comprehensive pronunciation database to take the words off the screen and into reality.

Easily Switch Off

We understand that emails are sometimes a little too important to be tampered with. So while the key value proposition of Emmerse is that it's always there, you can turn it off with a simple click.

Complete Privacy

Even though we're partially translating your email content, the extension has absolutely zero capability to retain the contents of your email.

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$34.99 Paid Upfront

Start a free 30-day trial on us - we know you'll love it. In case you don't, just cancel your subscription within the 30 days. If you don't cancel, we'll assume you love learning with Emmerse and we'll start you automatically on a monthly subscription to save you time.